Mum and Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga in Boston Lincolnshire

We welcome small groups of mums and babies to share an hour and half of friendship, fun and mindful yoga and be-ing with their babies in a lovely Boston, Lincolnshire location.

We practice yoga with our babies, they enjoy the stretches, songs and interaction in a safe, peaceful and welcoming environment.

Mum and Baby Yoga helps with:

  • Digestive problems, colic, gas, reflux, unsettled tummies
  • Promotes deeper sleep patterns
  • Bonding between parent and baby is enhanced
  • Strengthens muscles in preparation for sitting, crawling and walking – tones Mum’s muscles too
  • Relaxation following exercise becomes part of the routine and sets a great pace for life

and much much more…..

There is time for discussion and to make new friendships – Dads/Partners/Grandparents welcome too!

Reservations necessary….email or call to book your space
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