Hypnotherapy in Boston Lincolnshire

Held in tranquil surroundings in Boston, Lincolnshire my Hypnotherapy sessions are a valuable tool that facilitates an unconscious re-learning process and can assist with the release of past trauma, changing established negative habits, confidence building and much more.

Hypnosis is an awake state of mind – trance-like.  Each one of us enters into a trance-like state at some time during the day.  It is the state of being when totally focused on a task, e.g. flower arranging, swimming, driving, however, with hypnosis you are very deeply relaxed.

Each individual creates their own state of being using their imagination and this is assisted by a hypnotherapist in a supportive, professional and caring way.

Finding a qualified hypnotherapist that you are able to relate to is key, and I offer a free half hour consultation for this decision making process to unfold.

Points to note:

  1. You remain in control at all times
  2. You hear what is said at all times
  3. Hypnosis it is not sleep
  4. You may remember everything that is said
  5. You can move around whenever you choose
  6. It can be life changing

I work with children and adults, contact me for further information.

For your peace of mind you can find me on the Hypnotherapy Register.

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