Yoga Timetable Update January 2019

Update on January Timetable changes…
On Christmas Eve in France I had a fall that resulted in two leg fractures and a dislocation and a stay in hospital for 4 days, not the gift I was hoping for!

Well, the 13 hour journey home last week thankfully went well and since being home I have established a good routine, hop, rest, hop, rest, eat, hop, rest, rest, rest…..which is absolutely perfect.  I now realise I was perhaps high on painkillers, thinking I would be able to resume sessions the week beginning the 14th January was a little ambitious!!!  To honour my bones, my body, my mind and my spirit I’m going to take January to heal, to be strong again.
The cast is due to come off the first week of February, and, I would very much like to be able to offer some sessions sometime during February…I will keep you posted on this progress/dates.
Over the next few weeks please keep an eye on your emails and the website as I may be prodding you into your practice with some encouragement from home!
I do feel blessed to be given this time, to feel my way into a different kind of healing phase, and I intend to embrace it with all its highs and lows, tears and laughter, aching wrists and sides (sides mainly from laughing!).
I very much look forward to being with you again soon.

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