Home Stay Practice on Zoom…

Zoom Room Home Stay Timetable 

week beginning Monday 11th May

Subscription for the week – £10 or free to Frontline workers

You can either transfer the money into my account, card payments can now be taken, or keep it in a Gratitude Jar until the next time we see each other……

The Links will be sent out upon request…I look forward to sharing with you.

Monday 11th May
9.30am Alison Seymour

Acupressure for Healthy Function 

Join Alison over a morning cuppa for a zoom session to learn more about acupuncture points that she commonly uses to benefit immune function. Get to know how to use acupressure techniques to activate these points. Find out how to locate them for yourself, so that you can benefit from their potential, and if there’s time to spare, discover some simple ways with food to give your system a boost. Contact alisonseymour08@gmail.com for the link

Monday 11th May

2pm to 3pm – Gentle Yoga – (have a Chair handy)

Tuesday 12th May

6.30pm to 7.30pm – Yoga

Wednesday 13th May

7pm to 8pm – Yoga Nidra

Thursday 14th May
10am to 11am – Yoga

8.15pm to 9.15pm – Restorative Yoga for Ease into Sleep – (PJ’s optional)

For this session you will need, A firm cushion/bolster, 2 or 3 Pillows or big cushions, blanket, rolled bath towels, or small rolled towels, an eye cover….and anything else to make you comfortable…..

Friday 15th May 
9.30am to 10.15am – Morning Movement & Meditation

2pm to 2.45pm “Time to Share” Bring along your friends and your favourite tea, some of your poetry, verse, quotes, newspaper clip, anything that inspires you, deepens your connection….anything at all. Let’s take 45 moments in time together.

*FREE Sessions*
Meditate together…..
Sundays,  10th May, 17th May, 24th May, 31st May
9am to 9.30am
Request Zoom link here if you haven’t already got these.

Mindfulness & Meditation 8 week course 

Anyone interested in learning a new skill during this Home Stay, either one to one or small groups, contact me for details.

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