January saw the start of the New Block, Listening with the Body and also Heidi Freeman’s Beginner’s Course of Yoga on Saturday mornings.

These weeks together have given us all a chance to rekindle our inner resources and once again to feel our feet on our mats, the new experiences begin a journey of exploration, fun and friendship, and we thank you for being here to share in this.

Yoga is more about being prepared to have a go – to face whatever scares or challenges us, without trying too hard, forcing and pushing or wanting too much….in our practice its not about achieving the perfect posture, its about your experience in unfolding into the posture, developing trust and your inner knowing of what feels right for you.

We look forward to welcoming you in February over the coming weeks to develop these further and to explore the possibilities together, either through your yoga practice, mindfulness and meditation or indeed some of the other sessions we have on offer….

Be kind and gentle with yourselves…..namaste Jayne x

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