OM Chanting

You are warmly invited to the Om Chanting circle with Jayne on Monday, 7th November at 6pm

OM is the highest and purest vibration that exists. When we practice OM Chanting we express Divine Love and service to all beings. We sit in a particular format and chant OM for 45 minutes. As a collective, the group attunes to the Divine presence of OM.

Some BENEFITS of OM Chanting:

• Purifies and transforms negative energies into positive energy.

• Calms down the restless mind and emotions, bringing about a state of peace and balance.

• Creates a powerful balancing and healing vibration, which can support healing processes in the physical body.

• Uplifts the vibration and consciousness of the environment and the planet.

• Develops love.

• Removes fear.

• Helps with insomnia.

• Supports pregnancy and convalescence.

• Helps to ground oneself.

• Provides distant support to others.

You can share the information with your friends who might be interested.

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Much Love ❤️