Online Timetable w/b 15th June

Zoom Room Home Stay Timetable

week beginning Monday 15th June

Subscription for the week – £10 or free to Frontline workers You can either transfer the money into my account, and there is now a “Pay Online” facility available for your convenience. With this method once you have made payment, the links for the week will be sent through to your email box…as simple as that!

The Links will be sent out upon request…I look forward to sharing with you.
Monday 15th June – 2pm to 3pm – Gentle Yoga

Tuesday 16th June – 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Yoga

Wednesday 17th June – 7pm to 8pm – Yoga Nidra – nearing the Summer Solstice – …”a peak time for manifestation where you can use the power of the sun to activate all you want to bring into your life” Kirsty Gallagher – I look forward to preparing you for the Summer Solstice weekend with the wonderful practice of yoga nidra

Thursday 18th June
10am to 11am – Yoga

(Time Change) 7pm to 8pm – Restorative Yoga for Ease into Sleep – (PJ’s optional)

For this session you will need, A firm cushion/bolster, 2 or 3 Pillows or big cushions, blanket, rolled bath towels, or small rolled towels, an eye cover….and anything else to make you comfortable…..

Friday 19th June 
9.30am to 10.15am – Morning Qi Movement & Meditation

**FREE SESSIONS** Meditate together…..
Sundays,  14th June, 21st June, 28th June
9am to 9.30am
Request Zoom link here if you haven’t already got this.

Please note: The Fund Raising event organised for the 19th & 20th June has been postponed until next year….date and details will be posted nearer the time.  Many thanks to those who showed interest, we look forward to offering this again next year!

Monday 15th June with Alison

Pillars of Yang Sheng –  Ancient Wisdom on Cultivation of the Body Through Exercise and Rest 

Ease your way into a Monday morning and join Alison at 9.30am for a journey of discovery into the world of Chinese medicine. 

This Monday, 15th June 2020, we are delving into the principles of exercise and rest through the eyes of ancient Chinese wisdom. We take a foray into how these practices are rooted in the tradition of balance. Discover how less is sometimes more especially when it comes to exercise, and how striving too hard does not create harmony within the body. We will also look at some acupressure points that are commonly used to boost our Qi, and also those that help open the chest to ease breathing.

There is no need to book, simply use the link below to join … it’s completely free of charge and is open to all. If you’d like further information, or have any questions, please contact Alison by email at:, or by phone/text on: 07981 428663. Alternatively you can get in touch via her Facebook page: Eight Branches Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine @Acu8Branches. She’s always happy to hear from you. 

Alison Seymour is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Pillars of Yangsheng – Ancient Wisdom on Cultivation of the Body Through Exercise and Rest
Time: Monday 15th June 9.30am

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 727 640 9348
Password: 831055

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